The Group

​Hersonissos Group Hotels is a corporation owned and managed by the Kaloutsakis family. The group owns and operates 7 hotels in the area of Hersonissos, Crete.

Positive and synergistic activities in local tourism industry have allowed our hotels to maintain excellence performance. We have been providing our clients great quality of service in return. For the past several decades, we have acquired extensive experience on successfully operating hotels in Greece. 

Our group president, Dr. Konstantinos Kaloutsakis, served as the president of the Hoteliers Union in Crete for several years and is currently a member of the board of the national chamber. His contribution on establishing national laws and developmental plans has been considered crucial in revitalizing local tourism.

History of Hersonissos Hotels Group and ongoing activities:

  • 1980: Opening of Heronissos Hotel
  • 1984: Opening of Hersonissos Maris Hotel
  • 1989: Expansion of Hersonissos Maris Hotel
  • 1991: Opening of Hersonissos Palace Hotel
  • 1997: Expansion of Hersonissos Maris Hotel
  • 1998: Opening of Heronissos Park Hotel
  • 2000: Purchased the 20.000 m2  of land for the development of a 5* apartment Hotel
  • 2003: Purchased the 40.000 m2  of waterfront land for the development of a 5+* Hotel
  • 2007: Purchased Pefana Village Hotel and operate it with the new name Hersonissos Village Hotel
  • 2008: Full renovation of Hersonissos Palace Hotel
  • 2008: Renovation of public areas of Hersonissos Village Hotel
  • 2009: Full renovation of Hersonissos Maris Hotel
  • 2010: Renovation of public spaces of Heronissos Hotel
  • 2010: Opening of Know Bar
  • 2011: Renovation of Hersonissos Village Bungalows Rooms
  • 2012: Beginning of 5+* Hotel construction
  • 2012: Beginning of 5* apartment hotel construction
  • 2013: Projected opening of the new 5+* Hotel
  • 2013: Projected expansion of Hersonissos Village Hotel

Look forward to hosting your stay at our Hersonissos Group Hotels!