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The Group

Hersonissos Group Hotels is a corporation owned and managed by the Kaloutsakis family. The group owns and operates 6 hotels in the area of Hersonissos, Crete.




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Α prestigious family-owned hospitality business

Founded by the visionary architect Konstantinos Kaloutsakis and his wife Iliana Kaloutsaki.

Since 1980

Our illustrious journey commenced in 1980 with the inauguration of Heronissos Hotel, followed by the establishment of Hersonissos Maris Hotel in 1984 and the grand opening of Hersonissos Palace Hotel in 1991. Throughout the years, we have continuously expanded our portfolio and refined our properties, curating exceptional experiences for our esteemed guests.

Key milestones include the transformation of Pefana Village Hotel into the esteemed Hersonissos Village Hotel, as well as the strategic acquisitions of Bella Beach Hotel and Silva Beach Hotel, which have significantly augmented our presence in the region. The zenith of our endeavors culminated in 2018 with the unveiling of Abaton Island Resort & Spa, epitomizing our steadfast dedication to delivering unparalleled luxury experiences.

Renovation has perpetually been ingrained in our ethos of excellence. We consistently invest in maintaining the freshness and modernity of our properties, ensuring they remain at the pinnacle of luxury. Furthermore, we are currently engaged in the development of four exciting new greenfield projects, underscoring our commitment to innovation and growth.

As we embark on our journey of expansion, our primary focus remains on fostering a safe and nurturing environment for both our valued staff and cherished guests. We invite you to join us as we redefine the paradigm of hospitality in Hersonissos and beyond.

The Group
The Group

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